April 18, 2009

So Happy Together

So Happy Together, originally uploaded by Rachael H.

Making cute with my cutlery this morning.. it's been a while since I've made time for such silliness!


Laura Marie said...

Aww....sooo cute!!

Well done :) Find more time for sillyness! ... it rocks!! :D


Christy said...

Hi Rachael! That is super cute! I love it!

Hazel said...

It's good to make time for sillyness :D

liliana_lourenco said...

So cuuute! :)


sexy said...
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Uma said...

Hi! The picture is great! I notice that you have a shop, so I'm assuming you wouldn't be thrilled about someone making a print of one of your images for personal use. How can I buy a copy of this image? I'd love to hang it in my kitchen.