August 14, 2008

Single socks

single socks, originally uploaded by Rachael H.

Once again the mysterious disappearing act of a sock has occured while doing laundry. I have to wonder.. where do all these stray socks go? And how long does one keep the sad single sock that remains in hopes of a happy reunion?


Szah said...

This is the question I always ask myself when I lose one of them.
It's a mystery of all time :P

ittybittybirdy said...

You need to buy the book socks and gloves! Then make little creatures with the lonely ones!

Ruth said...

I have almost half a draw of them, I do not have the heart to let go of my lonely socks, and sometimes mix them up with other lonely socks just for fun :)

Mat Isaac said...

I sometimes am like this, hoping for those lonely socks to have a happy reunion with their partner I keep it but most of the time not one gets i just give them another partner who is also a member of lonely socks club..:)