June 24, 2008

Six unimportant things about me

Christy has tagged me to share 6 unimportant things about myself, so I decided to answer in doodles.

1. I prefer giftwrap over gift bags
2. I love good old fashioned snail mail
3. I broke my thumb when i was 16 trying to punch my brother
4. I have lived in 12 different houses or apartments in my lifetime
5. My first job was working at a flower auction
6. I love Haribo 'Micro Mix' which I have only found on my trips to the UK

Okay so now I tag anyone of my bloggy friends who would like to participate in the fun (Julie K, Kris, Hazel, Chelsea Ann?)


tania said...

:D its so cute with those little pictures to get your mind imagining-

Christy said...

Oh wow, very imaginative and creative! I love snail mail and gift wrapped gifts too! So much thoughtfulness that go into them.

Thanks for playing along Rachael! :)

Cupcake said...

yes. gift bags are for people who have given up. :)