May 12, 2008

Brit Trip

Brit Trip, originally uploaded by Rachael H.

Back from my holiday in England and I had a fantastic visit! I had to hold myself back on the shopping this time round because I could easily spend a small fortune in some of my favorite shops - although I did pick up a few tiny treasures and some favorite sweets. My only disapointment was that I never made it to the Orla Kiely shop while in Covent Garden - Oh well next time definitely!!


Hazel said...

I'm glad you had such a great trip to England!!
I used to love to visit Covent Garden, such great atmosphere and lots of quirky shops. You will have to go back again for some retail therapy.

tania said...

woo! great loot just the same! glad you had a fun trip-

Christy said...

welcome back! your brit goodies are cute!

Yvie said...

Next time you must check out Paperchase flagstore. I live an hour away from London by train and everytime I have to ge there for an art trip, I MAKE SURE I go visit it. WOw.