January 01, 2008

My office space

I have been terrible at remembering to take photos of the updates we make on our new home. Mainly I forgot (or keep forgetting) to take "before" pictures. For some of the rooms that we have already tackled I only have the listing photos from the real estate agent (very tiny & poor image quality) but they'll do... Can you see the difference? It's almost complete, I just need to add some artwork on the walls. For Christmas I got 2 gorgeous AnneJulie prints from my brother, as soon as they're framed they'll go up! :)


Hazel said...

Hi Rachael,
Your new office space looks great! I am also guilty of forgetting to take the 'before' pictures every time I paint a room or piece of furniture. My enthusiasm just takes over when I make my mind up to decorate and then half way through I remember that I 'meant' to take a photo.
Happy New Year!

Janick - Nea Jewelry said...

Oh my that's just a wonderful office!! I'm jealous!! lol! :)