January 17, 2008

Gocco at last!!

Look what I got... the much-loved Japanese print gocco! I have been wanting one for such a long time and my husband bought me one for Christmas (it arrived late due to some crazy postal stuff) but it is here at last! Yay!!

Now I need to plan my 1st print... I know the design ideas are endless but since the bulbs are a one time use I want to think this out. I'll keep you posted on the results - wish me luck! :)


Webgrl said...

omg i've always wanted one!! I can't wait to see what u come up with. Can u ask jon where he picked it up so i can grab one? Thanks chica!

Rachael Herbert said...

Hey Kris, I'm so excited to make my first print. I think I have my idea, now I just have to put it in action! He bought it on Etsy from http://alittlegoodness.etsy.com.

Happy Sunday!