November 01, 2007

Home Sweet Home

It's been 3 weeks since we moved into our new place and the days have just flown by! The move itself was a breeze thanks to the help of our wonderful friends and family... but now the real work has begun!! Tearing out dingy old carpets, applying much needed fresh coats of paint, we even had some of our floors sanded and varnished - what a difference that made! It will be quite the journey, but we're excited to transform this place one room at a time. So far I have been awful at remembering to take 'before' pictures, but we've only just scratched the surface in our DIY-projects, so there are plenty photos to come!

Oh and who knew it would be so difficult in picking a simple neutral color for the hallway? Before I went to the paint store I could see it perfectly in my head.. but once I was in front of all those samples I was completely lost. I must have changed my mind a hundred times!! In the end 'French White' was the winner for the walls and i'm relieved to report that I am happy with the my choice! Phew!

1 comment:

KARA said...

oh how exciting I love home decorating, that french white looks a great choice