September 18, 2007


Isn't he cute? I saw this elephant and immediately fell in love. He will make a perfect gift for a little someone who just entered the world. Just thought i'd share before he travels to his new home far away.


Hazel said...

I have to agree with you Rachael, he is rather handsome! Some little person is going to be very happy and will treasure him for a very long time I am sure :)

tania said...

that is a fab elephant!

Merce said...

Hi Rachel,

first, i am sorry for my bad write english, i am from Monterrey, Mx ... hope you undeerstand my text.

I saw your work at flickr and website, I am learning to do some plushies only have 4 but i am on the road... I like very much the magnet that you have, I found a link from one post about the supplies, I looked at the internet but i dont found anything, where do you buy it? this is the link

Hope you can help me,
thanks for your time.