August 13, 2007


My latest project - bringing new life to this old writing desk. It's lovely and will give me a much needed working surface away from the desk that houses our computer and get me off the floor (at least for small projects). Thankfully I am done with the stripping part and have almost finished sanding - I feel like my finger prints have worn away along with the thick coats of lacquer! There only remains those fussy tight corners to go over with sandpaper and to decide its finish... stain, paint, wash, really not sure yet?! I am still trying to vision what the decor will be in my office/studio in the new place... An added bonus was finding 2 old stamps from the early 70's wedged in the joining of the backboard and desktop, hidden treasures! I will post more photos when it's completed.



can't wait to see finished project.

Webgrl said...

i could totally see a turqoisey wash. antiquey pretty