July 12, 2007

Oh my goodness, the cuteness!

Looked what arrived in my mailbox today... These utterly cute bookmarks from JulieK. She said when she saw them she thought of me... Geesh they remind me of me (especially that last last one, very similar to my bitter sweet over on flickr)! How does this stuff get in my head? And why do I still love ridiculously cute at this point in my life? It just confirms once again that it's much *safer* for me to be on this side on the world (not to mention for the sanity of my husband). And just for the record... no my home is not covered in wall to wall cute. I've pretty much confined it to a magnetic board and a 1 bookcase shelf in my office! Anyways I'm starting to blah blah... What I wanted to say was thank you Julie!


Julie K in Taiwan said...

Glad they made you smile ;) I think you need to post pictures of that magnetic board and bookshelf, before you pack them up!

li li said...

cute cute!! :D

tania said...

hee hee- i sometimes ask myself the same thing! but i have decided having a cute smiley face on almost everything just plain makes me happy.
yay for cute!