May 31, 2007

Mail Day

Just wanted to share these great little illustrations. They are from a letter I received today from Denise (like me, she has an appreciation for stationery and ridiculously cute designs). She also sent along some great little buttons she made. Such a nice surprise in the post today, thanks so much Denise!!

I've been pretty quiet on here, flickr and Etsy lately, suppose it goes that way sometimes...Work related projects and house hunting demand most of my time these days. Wish me luck!


Blossom Hill said...

Hi Rachel,
Good luck with your house hunting! Hopefully it is a fun experience and not too stressfull. My Etsy shop is also extremely quite, I suspect due to the lovely warm weather, everyone is outside and not sitting at a computer screen in their spare time :)
Cute stationery in the photo.

Blossom Hill said...

Oops! Sorry Rachael I left off the 'a' in your name on my last comment, better slow down my typing a bit!

Bonny said...

Don't you love nice surprises like that? It's tough to balance the whole promote, shop and personal stuff. Best of luck with your house hunting - hope you find your dream home ;)

Denise said...

HI! :)

ohh Rachael and so glad you liked it ^_^, I was thinking of you so i wanted to write to you! I'm glad it made you happy!