January 13, 2007

A Wise Decision

I am quite pleased with myself. I made a tiny change last week that has allowed me to actually enjoy the weekends (along with everyone else). I work from home in the web & graphic design field and I have a regular contract where I hand in work on a weekly basis. For some odd reason I chose Mondays as the day to send in my work. So for the past year I have spent my weekends in the final stages of my workload and then giving myself Tuesday & Wednesday as my "days off". So now I have made the long overdue and obvious change to hand in my work at the end of the week, which as a result allows me to enjoy the weekends. Genius! Ha ha!!
So today I went on a chilly but wonderful walk in the woods and I have also been playing with polymer clay. I made some spotted mushroom magnets, a couple red apple pendants and the little owl pendant pictured above. That little fella didn't turn out how I had envisioned, but I like him still. Now I have sketched out another design for an owl that I am really pleased with... I'll show you the results soon. Have a fun weekend!


Hazel said...

Hi Rachael, great changes to your working week! I love the little owl you have made (I am working on a tiny felt owl at the moment) Can't wait to see the mushrooms, my daughter Jem loves mushrooms.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Webgrl said...

i love him he's too cute!
He is different from ur usual style but i like him a lot.:)