January 05, 2007

Happy New Year

Now that the holidays have passed and my Mum has returned safely to her home in England, it's time to reestablish some routine in my days and catch up with my work that was put aside during all the fun. The new year is here and like many others I am thinking about aspirations, hopes, direction and change. Some of these thoughts make me giddy with excitement, while others make my stomach tie up in knots. Many of my ideas only involve taking tiny baby steps (very little effort), but others will require giant leaps and a lot of courage... So, here's wishing you all a fantastic year ahead. Hope it is filled with what makes your heart most happy!


syko said...

Happy new year! And good luck with your plans, I'm sure it will be a great year for new projects, big and small!

tiel s-k said...

Happy New year to you. All the best with your goals. Wouldn't it be nice to keep these aspirations through out the entire year. I sure would like that.

Webgrl said...

happy new year lazy girl! :D
love ur buttons!
how's about a lazy girl challenge next week?

Teresa said...

oh, what a photo, thanks Rachael! and good luck taking those steps, all the best to you in 200!