December 19, 2006

Holiday Fun

I took a small break from work today and made some Christmas cards and yummy shortbread cookies. The cute idea of the button snowman wasn't mine... I received a card from my Mum (from Marks & Spencer) with a snowman couple on the front made out of pearly white buttons. I loved the idea so much I was inspired to make my own. And the shortbread cookies below won't be savoured until Christmas day. I had to put them in the freezer immediately as not to temp me!


Hagit said...

Your cookies look so great! They reminded me of these, which look just as scrumptious:

hummmlan said...

What a great idea to use buttons for doing a snowman! I think I will do some Christmas cards next year with that sweet idea! :-)

Hazel said...

Lovely Christmas card, Oh I do miss M&S!

Those shortbread cookies look delicious, I also have to freeze my baking straight away, otherwise it's just toooo tempting!