December 02, 2006

Otherwise Engaged

December already... I keep joking that for Christmas I would like a time machine because I could really use an extra day tacked on to each week. As the year draws close to its end, my workload is reaching its peak. I think this next week will be the one to see just how far I can stretch myself (at least that is what I'm feeling like). But this morning I put aside work and school demands to put up Christmas lights outside and unpack some holiday boxes from the attic. The photo above is of a few of my favorite tree ornaments, sugar covered treats. Of course none of these activities would have been complete without the actual sampling of the sweet stuff hence the yummy cookies below. ;)


Hagit said...

That rabbit ornament is so cute!! and the cookies look great - did you bake them?

M. Patrizio said...

Those cookies look so yummy!