November 15, 2006

Shop Handmade for the Holidays!

The new and improved Etsy has finally arrived! If you haven't already checked Etsy out already you can do so by clicking here and of course hop on over to my shop Rubyfaz to find super cute stuff!

Here's a link to a great little animation some folks in Brooklyn made about Etsy- Watch Video.


dani (pyglet) said...

Lucky you that etsy is working for you. I am having some weird problems at the moment. It seems to be taking them a while.
Cute stuff usual!

Rachael Herbert said...

Yeah since I've posted this it's gone wonky a few times... but I think I have been one of the lucky ones!

syko said...

That video was fun! I like the new etsy, they could put the view counters back soon though. Good luck with your business!