November 11, 2006

A Fruity Find

After seeing all the amazing goods Tania keeps scoring at Value Village I have started frequenting the shop in search of my own treasures. Last night I was so thrilled when I spotted this fabulous vintage canister and of course I couldn't complain with a price tag of 99¢! Yet another item to satisfy my love for graphic fruity designs that are so popular these days!


dani (pyglet) said...

So good! jealous!

Teresa said...

It´s so gorgeous! Is it new or antique? One can not have too many canisters, ever, really - I just got a cute set at IKEA :)

tania said...

if you ever see me there say hi!
of course, we don't know what we look like-

hee hee.
love this canister!

tania said...

oops! duh- you are in quebec! for some reason i thought you were in TO too- i guess that the whole "center of the universe" syndrome we have here!

Rachael Herbert said...

Teresa it's pretty old. I'm thinking 70's. I'm trying to find more info on the design but so far haven't come up with much. Although I did see another one in yellow on flickr.

Ha ha Tania - I guess it's a good thing we're neighbouring provinces... Otherwise we'd be hunting for the same stuff ;)