November 08, 2006


Lately there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in one day. I have been super busy with work (new projects), school (night class in Quark Express) and I am still trying to keep up with all my crafty endeavours. Here's a quick peek of some cute greeting cards that an old neighbour ordered from me. Last spring I made a heart shape out of my Grandmother's buttons and photographed it. The image is one of my favorites and seems to be popular with many other people. So it's clear that I am not the only one with a love for buttons! :)


Teresa said...

Nope, not the only one ( I got more button ahem, explicit photos to put up). That photo, the idea is just marvelous, great cards!

Denise said...

Hi Rachael :)

These cards are so pretty ^_^, the photo is sweet and very peaceful, that's why i love it.

dani (pyglet) said...

Me too with the button love!
You're really not the only one!

Elisabete said...

Hum! ;-) delicious!

hummmlan said...

I love buttons too! I’ve glued some buttons on a "deep edge frame" and gave as a gift to my siter-in-law( Now I'm doing two more frames, to my sister and my daughter as Christmas gifts. I'm using my grandmothers buttons and lace.
Your button heart looks lovely!