November 26, 2006

Birdie Notebooks

Yesterday I had fun decorating a couple Moleskine Cahier notebooks. I am pretty happy with how they turned out. Simple, but cute as heck! I love these little notebooks for sketching and jotting down ideas. I can understand why they are so popular - There is just something about the quality of the paper that isn't the same in other notebooks. Okay I am beginning to sound like moleskine pusher or something... I have added them to my shop, now I need to decorate one for myself. :)


Anonymous said...

They are adorable! How'd you make the light polkadots on the brown?

Julie K in Taiwan

Rachael Herbert said...

Hi Julie,
I stamped the dots with a chalk ink. It's neat cause once it's dry it doesn't rub off and I like the matte finish.

Teresa said...

it´s adorable! And I have been a moleskine sceptic for a while, maybe I should try it, everybody seems to love those|

tiel s-k said...

Loving those little birdies!