October 29, 2006

A Penguin in the House

Over on flickr I often participate in the pack it up small group. It's where a bunch of craft-minded folk pick a theme, then we each put together a parcel to send to another member of the group anonymously. It's fun because this swap is size-contrained. The package you put together can not weigh more than 250 grams, so you have to use your imagination to use those 250 grams well (and even better you must include a handmade item).

We also have a little mascot named Pips who is travelling all around the world inside these carefully prepared parcels. If you receive him you are required to photograph him and add a souvenir to the accompanying red pouch (as seen in the pic above) before sending him along in next the swap.

So this time round I was the lucky recipient! He is looking a little worn but other than that Pips has arrived safely on this 4th leg of his trip. To date he has seen Portugal (his home), USA, Amsterdam, France, and now he is here Canada. He's a great house guest who doesn't require much fuss and even better doesn't complain that I don't like to cook either! ;)


Anonymous said...

You forgot the eh!!!!! Hello Pips, welcome to Canada!

Teresa said...

Glad he arrived safely and is behaving himself! Love the photos :)