October 16, 2006


Okay, it's officially getting cold outside... Last night it went down to 1°C and the house is beginning to make those funny sounds with the sudden dip in temperature. Still I refuse to turn the heating on yet (Ack! I am turning into my Father - lol). Lucky for us we have a woodstove to help until we finally cave in and crank up the heat! Yesterday I also pulled out the 2 knit blankets that my Great-Gran had made my family years ago... The ones I didn't care much for when I was younger, but now I love so much. I like how the colours she chose are somewhat garish and mismatched, but the blankets still have their own special charm.


mari said...

I love the colors, it looks very warm and cozy! If only I had time to back into my yarn again!

dani (pyglet) said...

I love those multi-coloured blankets. I wish I could crotchet with even a little skill and I would try to make one (like the idea...) but staight lines is about all I can do. Ahhh! Maybe one day?