September 22, 2006

Sew Fast, Sew Easy (yeah right)

Lately I have been trying my hand at sewing. A skill briefly introduced to me back in the high school days but one I never really got the hang of (and at the time didn't care to learn). Of course now I really want to learn. I have a decent machine and I bought a couple beginner books. I figured starting off small was the way to go and I attempted to make some Blythe dresses. Let's just say there is a reason you are seeing a photo of my machine's spools and not the results of my endeavours... Perhaps it is the tiny scale of the project that is causing me grief? I think there are some 'basics' that even my beginner books assumed I would know! Oh well, my Mum has promised me a crash course when she visits in December, but I am not giving up yet! :P


tania said...

ooh tiny dresses! yipes!
and yay- you have a blog now!

ellia said...

hahaha, aww, i understand! and yayyyy on the new blog!!!! i am sure your mum will be able to explain enough for you to get your blythe doll dresses made :D