September 29, 2006

I ♥ Buttons

I have a thing for buttons. I am can't recall when it all started but they are like little treasures to me. Last spring when I was visiting my Grandmother she let me raid her sewing kit and I aquired some real beauties! I say they are for my crafty projects, truth is I rarely use them. For a while now I have had images of button jewellery and accessories floating around in my head, so last night I finally brought the idea to life. I started by making two bracelets and I am so pleased with the result. I have added them to my etsy shop although I like them so much I will definitely have to make a couple for myself. :)


Webgrl said...

eeek! i LOVE your new blog and i love your button bracelet!

Kim Carney said...

that is very! Cute!